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Plastica vol.II, Spectrum


“Plastica” is an obsessive research of the representation, of a formula that allows someone to move easily from the virtual to the physical world; It wants to translate into image what cannot be represented, to question new strategies to give long-lasting form and consistency to worlds that don’t exist, finding in New Technologies the right answer.
Beyond the Visible, beyond the matter, this work is the visualization of a process. It’s an idea that becomes object - through the 3D printing - to come into contact with the photographic medium. An idea that loses its three-dimensionality to fall again in a virtual dimension through the photographic object, in a circular process in which photography interacts with new technologies in order to transform a trick in a truth.
“Plastica” is a limbo in which real blends with virtual world, It’s a bridge between the two. Photography is the medium through which this connection can be visualized and testified. “Plastica” is a trick: if what doesn’t have its own matter cannot be represented, then it must be rebuilt.

In “Spectrum” the studio of spectra is the starting point for a photographic representation of sound. Through the decomposition of each spectrum in small intervals of time, recurring structures can be found, as images that repeat hundreds of times throughout one same spectrum. Through a synthesis of shapes, these recurring images have been translated into -initially virtual only- architectural objects through the use of a CAD software and 3D printing.
It is at this point that photography can step in, thanks to the presence of a material object which it can make contact with. It is inserted in temporary installations built in a studio and forged depending on the shape of each audio spectrum, with the aim of producing photographic objects that are the result of reassembling what was deconstructed in the first place: “Sound Landscapes” which pretend to be existing and possible worlds.

This project was realized in collaboration with three emerging musicians from Rome, Italy.

Audio Tracks

D1;#1: Bez Yorke, “Another world”
D1;#2: Bez Yorke, “Maybe I’m the wind”
D1;#3: Bez Yorke, “Our love”

D2;#1: La macchina del fango, “L’uomo immaginario”
D2;#2: La macchina del fango, “Questa è la macchina del fango”
D2;#3: La macchina del fango, “Il terzo stato”

D3;#1: Vavilov, “Don Chisciotte” (first version)
D3;#2: Vavilov, “Etere” (first version)
D3;#3: Vavilov, “Pasternak” (first version)


D1;#1: Bez Yorke, "Another world"


D1;#2: Bez Yorke, "Maybe I'm the wind"


D1;#3: Bez Yorke, "Our love"


D2;#1 // D2;#2 // D2;#3

D2;#1: La macchina del fango, "L'uomo immaginario"


D3;#3: Vavilov, "Don Chisciotte" (first version)


D3;#2: Vavilov, "Etere" (first version)


D3;#3: Vavilov, "Pasternak" (first version)



Render, studio for a physical installation. Fine art prints, plexiglass panels, 3D model, sound.


Box, 19x14cm. Fine art prints, plexiglass panels, audio tracks.

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