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Priscilla Pallante’s research focuses on the relation between photography and otherdisciplines, in order to continuously put under discussion the medium and its limitsin the objective reproduction of reality, forcing it to create unusual allianceswith science, new technologies, sound and installation.

In the artist’s experimentations there is an obsessive attitude in the research ofthe representation of non visible aspects of reality, in a process of eternal suspension between reality and fiction. 



2022/ Lecturer, “Propedeutic lab to the visual narration”, Yogurt Magazine.

2021/ Researcher and content contributor, Yogurt Magazine.

2021/ Selected artist for the digital department of Matéria Gallery (Mat3ria), Rome.

2021.  Press Office, public talks moderation, “Charta, a photobook festival”, by Yogurt.

2020/ Deputy Editor-in chief, researcher, curator and book designer, “Fotonica diary”.

2020/ Supervisor of the photographic labs, Lecturer: specialization courses, Ied Roma.

2016/2020 Assistant and supervisor of the photographic labs, Ied Roma. 


2021. OD photo prize, shortlisted.

2021. BUP Book Award, Blow Up Press, shortlisted.

2021. Belfast Photo Festival open call, highly commended.

2021. Ph Museum Days, shortlisted.

2020. Urbanautica Institute Award, shortlisted.

2019. Athens photo festival, shortlisted ("Augmented Rome")

2018. Emerging Talents, winner (screening)/with "Augmented Rome"

2018. Premio Marco Bastianelli: mention, self published/artist books with the dummy "Plastica vol.II, Spectrum"

2017. Latent call, shortlisted

2017. Fotoleggendo, special mention

2016. Kunio Yatomi scolarship, IPC, winner

2016. Feta award, Federation of European photographers, winner


2021/ “Augmented Rome”, Web3 project, in collaboration with Matèria (Rome) and Acc. 

2021.  "Garbatella Images", group show of the works produced during the artist residency.

2019. "Augmented Rome", part 2/2, solo show curated by Niccolò Fano, Curva Pura, Rome.

2019. "Augmented Rome", part 1/2, solo show curated by Niccolò Fano, Spazio Y, Rome.

2019. "Diversioni", group show curated by Davide Silvioli, Centro Luigi Di Sarro, Rome. Mariani, Pallante, Vicidomini, Zabo. Unpublished work: "Ciucciuì".

2019. Emerging talent, screening/ "Augmented Rome" at Mattatoio, Rome.

2018. Solo show, "Plastica vol.II, Spectrum", Curva Pura gallery, Rome.


2022. “Priscilla Pallante, interview” by C. Comparato, Urbanautica (digital). 

2022. “That invisible mass. Priscilla Pallante discusses Augmented Rome”, an interview with Niccolò Fano of Mat3ria, Rome.

2022. “Fotonica Diary”, by Priscilla Pallante.

2022. “I.D.” Fotonica’s first artist book, curated and designed by Priscilla Pallante.

2021. "Ciucciuì", monographic book published by 89books.

2021. "Corpo", second volume curated by Francesco Rombaldi, Yogurt magazine and agency, of Garbatella images' triennal residency programme.

2021. "222 artisti emergenti su cui investire, 2021", published by Exibart, 2021.

2020. Inside Art n.119, cover, April 2020.

2020. “Priscilla Pallante. Analizzare il reale, accumulare dati, manometterli per mettere in piedi un altro reale non più vero del vero”, text by Francesco Angelucci, Inside Art n.119, April 2020.

2019. Yogurt Magazine, "Ciucciuì". Link

2019. About "Diversioni" group show, Rivista Segno, text by Maila Buglioni. Link

2017. "La fotografia testimone di mondi immaginari, Priscilla Pallante", Roma Italia Lab, online magazine, issue “Innovation”. 

Online magazines 

Yogurt Magazine, Fotonica diary, Artdoc magazine, Conceptual projects, Tied to LightCollective, Phasesmag, Phmuseum, Urbanautica. 



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